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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Coffee in Newmarket

Where do you get yours?
You might want to try something different.

Do you do the drive-through thing at Tim Hortons or under the golden arches? Are you a loyal Starbuck’s customer? Do you have to have a donut with your coffee? You can do that in Newmarket. There are plenty of big-name places to get your caffeine fix. We have all the well-known coffee shops, donut franchises, and restaurant chains here.

But, we also have lots of independent coffee shops and restaurants. Get to know your neighbourhood by becoming a regular at one of the local spots. Go inside. Say hello and maybe sit down and drink your coffee there. It tastes better in a real cup, doesn’t it? They’ll give it to you to take out too if you’re really in a hurry.
Something else you might consider if you’re living in Newmarket is getting some art or culture with your coffee at some of the more interesting coffee shops in town. There’s Covernotes on Main Street which features displays of local art, live music, book signings and other cultural events. Also on Main Street, you’ll find Books/Cafe & Things which is a used book store and much more. Live entertainment is also a feature there.

Next time you’re meeting for some coffee with friends or for business, consider meeting at one of these interesting spots on Main Street. (If you prefer beer, there’s the amazing ‘gastropub’, HBH. And, then there’s the martini bar, Cachet.) While you’re there, say hello to us folks at Main Street Realty.

Look around and you’ll find all kinds of great alternatives to lining up behind a bunch of idling cars to get your morning coffee.

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