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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Buyer Tip: You Like it, Stalk it

When you’re interested in a house, act like a stalker. Drive past it at several different times of day. Park up the street to watch it with binoculars, and see what goes on in the neighbourhood. Research the town. Google the school, the recreation centre, the parks. Look them up on Facebook and Twitter.
Maybe you didn’t notice that the house is on a busy bus route or close to railway tracks. Maybe you thought that kids would be playing in the streets, but it’s all seniors living there. The dog walkers might bother you, or you might want to join them. You didn’t see all the basement apartments until you started looking for them. Would you be happy to have the income potential or are you nervous about the extra traffic?

If you’re looking at something in Newmarket, I can tell you that Newmarket is an excellent place to live! I can tell you about the different neighbourhoods, their advantages and disadvantages. When Harry Naghavi is your Realtor, you will get a thorough understanding of what you’re buying. I’ll even lend you my binoculars.

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