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Thursday, 5 June 2014

House Looking Good? Take a Picture!

Is your house looking really good right now? You've probably put some planters out front, and the grass is really green and lush. After our long winter, you're happy to spend time outside making the house look good again. Maybe you're having people over on the weekend and you're proud of how your house looks.

Take some pictures now!

Even if you're not thinking of selling this year, take some pictures of the exterior of your house now and throughout the summer, when your house looks good. Take a shot from across the street, get a good shot of the backyard, and be sure to show off your front door.

If you decide to sell when things are dry and droopy or covered in snow, you'll have pictures for your Realtor to post that show off your house at its best!

The spring market this year was slower than usual and one thing that was obvious was that almost every house on the market was pictured covered with snow. Buyers couldn't see the landscaping and many details were obscured. The odd house that had a summer picture looked fantastic, really outstanding!

Taking pictures of your house in every season also helps you with your own maintenance planning. You'll see issues on the house and in the garden that need attention. 

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