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Friday, 30 May 2014

We Love Weekends!

I love weekends!

On the weekend, everyone is relaxed and happy and has lots of time to go house shopping with their Realtor!

I’m happy to hang out with my clients on weekends and love meeting people at open houses. Now that summer is on its way, there will be lots of longer weekends. There are the official long weekends, and there are people taking Fridays off or taking off early on Fridays! So, along with everyone else, I say “TGIF!”

Working on the weekend is great when you love what you do! And, when you have the flexibility to take time off during the week. I love it when I get to go fishing during the week, and I don’t have to “take the day off”.

Give me a call and we’ll hang out this weekend, it’s going to be beautiful!

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