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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Canada Day and Independence Day Decorating

Did you decorate for Canada Day?

Newmarket's Main Street always looks great for Canada Day, with lots of flags and gorgeous flowers, and the street fills with hundreds of people wearing red and white. Our Canada Day celebration is awesome!

Driving around town, I saw lots of flags flying, on flag posts, in flower beds and flower pots, on balconies, on cars, all over. Some homes were really beautifully decorated! I saw lots of red and white flower beds looking especially pretty with rows of flags framing them, and a red chair or a red door really pops when there's a Canada Day flower arrangement placed beside it.

I suspect that the homes with the most decorations were having parties for Canada Day. We don't tend to go all-out patriotic, we Canadians.

When you cross the border, it's different. Americans really fly their colours on Independence Day, and many more homes fly flags year-round. The "Stars and Stripes" appears not only on flagpoles but also on exterior and interior walls, floors, furniture, clothing, dishes, everywhere.

I think that Canadians do not love their country less than Americans love the USA. Indeed, we politely and humbly prefer Canada over every other place in the world.

Proudly Canadian, on July 1st and every day!

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