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Friday, 19 September 2014

Moving: Your Story Changes Scenes and the Plot Thickens

As a Realtor, I get to play a role in people’s life stories. I am a witness and an agent to transformation. It is always exciting to help a family along as they end one chapter in their lives and begin another. It is a very rewarding role that I honour and treasure. I feel a great responsibility, an obligation, to use my knowledge and experience to help my clients make the best change possible.

Moving is a big deal. Home determines so much of your life story. Your past and present homes are the settings of major events in your life and anchor the chapters. The place you call home, the country, town or city, neighbourhood, the house you live in, has a great influence on your life. It is not just background scenery; it shapes you.

Sometimes, a life event is the catalyst. Your youngest has finally gotten married and left the nest. Your partner landed a great job in another city. You just discovered that you are expecting a third child, and you are already feeling like sardines in your starter home, or apartment. You need a new home.

When we moved out of our little starter home into our bigger house, I remember how excited my daughters were at the thought that now, when they were sent to their rooms, they would have a dramatic walk up the stairs, like on TV! Halloween treats in the new neighbourhood were fancier and more plentiful. The school was closer, and so was the playground. We did not have our little backyard swings anymore, but we had the big, schoolyard ones where my daughters had hours of fun and independent time together to bond. When they disagreed, they could each go their own rooms to be alone. Moving to a bigger house, in a new neighbourhood will change all kinds of things!

My biggest move was over 30 years ago, when I came to Canada as a student. The plan was to go back home, but it didn’t end up that way. Plot twist! Plans change; life changes, and your story moves along. In my story, I end up in beautiful Newmarket, with a wonderful family, a big brick house in a good neighbourhood, a minivan and an SUV in the (4-car) driveway, a dog on the couch (Get down!), and I’m loving this chapter of my life! My beautiful home- this country, this town, this house- plays a huge role in what is happening in this story and shapes the characters too.

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